Tuesday, November 24, 2009

350,000 and counting

Holy Cow!!! As the late great Harry Carey would have said if he saw my email box two days after posting the direct tv YouTube video. At one point I had 153 emails regarding comments posted on my YouTube channel. The video was linked to a CNN news story along with a time and yahoo online articles and more I can only assume (if you are aware let me know). I think that I have succesfully achieved the overall goal of the blog... by creating an online presence to my fallen idol, now I just have to keep up the content. Hopefully I can do so. I have downloaded a new app so I can post updates anywhere (see signature below). Also since I have some new viewers I can send out an email whenever I update the blog, just contact me at welcometofarleyville@gmail.com to subscribe. And as you can see this is a not for profit site so I will not spam ya.

In the meantime, since my last post I have discoved a couple of Farley related items which I will be posting soon. In the mean time I found this Rolling Stone cover bag at Walmart. Although it has Mariah Carey on the cover if you look closely it is in fact the magazine that looked at the final days of Chris and had the first writings from Spade since his friend's death. I have the physical magazine also but it was nice to see this available too.

And of course my birthday has come and gone (September 9th for those keeping track) but my friends at work did provide a farleyesque birthday celebration.

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