Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tommy Boy Direct TV commercial

Was watching a repeat of Letterman last night and was surprised when I saw a Direct TV Ad featuring my favorite movie, Tommy Boy. In it (youtube video shown below) we see David Spade portraying his "Richard" character from the film denouncing cable and "that," pointing to "Tommy," Chris Farley's character. At first I felt that was a distasteful commercial. Chris has been dead now over ten years and David is complaining about being stuck with "tons of Fun!" Again that was my first reaction after watching it again and again, I noticed the commercial does have good heart. David's final line is "Never gets old," when Chris rips the jacket. Meaning that he can watch this over and over again. Like I said at first viewing It seems that David is a sarchastic ass (which he is) trying to profit off his dead friend (which...he isn't.)

Here is the Video:

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Benjamin Hiatt said...

I really want to not be upset with Spade here, so help me out.

Why do you think he isn't trying to profit off his dead friend?