Sunday, April 1, 2012

SNL on Hulu Plus

Let me start off by saying this is not a blog for the endorsement of Hulu Plus. Besides for snippets of past SNL shows, the $7.99 a month service in my opinion has little redeeming quality. Which is sad because I am completely on board for losing the cable or satellite in favor of a cheaper service, but this is not the one. The service has everything going for it...except a major thing, content. The highlight of my two week trial was being able to watch 35 minute versions of Chris Farley era Saturday Night Live. Highlighting the short run time of these episodes obviously means the music was cut out due to licensing cost, but also skits were missing because of background tracks or subject matter that may have cost SNL or Hulu money to include. For instance the Chippendale skit that was Chris' big break on the show is absent in the Patrick Swayze episode. I had hoped to chronicle every Farley scene on his five year tenure, but with the Hulu service I quickly found this task impossible.
On a positive note though I did get to witness some sketches that I missed such as Chris' as the last place runner of the NYC marathon and his side kick role as drinking buddy to Mike Meyer's middle aged man. Also a very funny sketch title "white trash bed and breakfast"

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